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Many Women Use Shapewear at Home (Here’s Why)

By Krystle Wright September 10, 2020 0 comments

I wear Shapewear at home. Sounds like a confession, doesn’t it? Hello, my name is Krystle, and I admit it: I wear Shapewear around the house. I’ve been doing it since I was twenty-three. How old am I now? Never you mind, haha. All joking aside, we women take how we look (which has a direct 1-to-1 relationship with how we feel) seriously to the point to where we are overly hard on ourselves. In fact we can be our worst critics, and at times that criticism can burn like self-immolation. That is one of the biggest reasons why I consider body sculpting garments to be for more than just those special occasions. It can be great for just lounging around the house. Here are the most compelling reasons why.

Beat those Stay-At-Home Blues

These days we are all spending a ton of time at home. You might be facing a new school year with perpetually homebound kiddos. You might be working from home now. You might just be keeping put because it just makes the most sense. Whatever the case, when you are stuck inside, days have a way of melding into one. Your daily outfits might start to meld into one as well. Sure, those ole’ sweatpants and oversized T’s are comfy, but do they really improve your mood? When you mope around in your grubbies, you feel a little bit mopey, don’t you? I know I do.


Shapewear gives you that instant, sheik look and feel. You get that rush of good vibes that sticks with you all day. Who knew a shaper could give you such feels?

Posture Support

Stop! Don’t move. Right now, and be honest, are you slouching? Sorry, didn’t mean to call you out or anything like that. Just wanted to prove a point. I find myself having poor posture all the time, on those rare occasions that I’m not wearing my CurvEllessence Corset or Bodysuit. Even at home, wearing it helps me work at the computer. Sitting for hours can be excruciating on the back, especially when you let your guard down and start to slump at your desk. The right Shapewear fixes that.

Good posture comes with many health benefits, like smoothing out your joints and aligning your spine, which helps you breathe better. Believe it or not, it also improves your energy level and overall mental health.

Confidence and Self-Esteem


I can take on the world in my Shapewear, even from my home office. And even if it’s only shaping panties. Building long-lasting and meaningful self-esteem is based on many factors, and how you look is only a part of it. But for some of us, it’s a huge part. Back to that 1-to-1 relationship between how you look and how you feel. It’s true. And even if you are not going to a special night on the town, especially if you aren’t, then wearing something slimming and toning becomes even more essential.


Dress for (Love) Success

I just want to be real for a moment if I can. While it’s true that I love and wear Shapewear for myself, for a confident and healthy body image, for good posture and an overall better mood. There’s also one very real reason, and that is to attract the opposite sex. I really love it when I catch my man stealing looks at me, when he gives me a little hug or squeeze, and those other amazing moments when he out and out ogles me. This happens when I don’t wear Shapewear, but I can assure you it happens a lot more when I do.

It’s not about being objectified. It’s not about being submissive. It’s about feeling like a woman, feeling desired, feeling wanted. That feeling translates into a magic. It’s the end result of all of our hard work and sacrifice. We want to ‘wow’ our significant others or that cute guy, and in doing so, we give ourselves the confidence boost we need to take on any challenge in life. It sounds kind of hokey, but it’s true. When we get that positive reaction from others, it goes a long way to boost our self esteem.

The Last Word

We all hope that soon the restrictions will be lifted and life can go back to normal. We all want to go out again and socialize and look our best when doing it. However, right now, while the restrictions are still in place and we are mostly staying at home, I hope you’ve found some inspiration here. I hope you realize that even at home we can, and we need to, look our best so we can feel our best. Shapewear helps us get there.

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