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Let’s All Get Ready for Positive Post Pandemic Posh!

By Krystle Wright September 16, 2020 0 comments

In April, during the apex of the pandemic where I live, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The hospital scared the life out of me when they said that if I showed any signs of the virus, he would be taken from me and quarantined in isolation for who knew how long. That fear had an impact on me, and though of course others have been affected much worse by this pandemic, it drove home to me how serious this all is. And now, after months of isolation, I want to get ready for the restart. I want to go to weddings again. I want that date night with my hubby again. I want to go to lunch with my best friends again (Reta, Jessica, Kate, Anna). And I will. So will you. When we do finally get out, let’s be ready with some fashion that makes us feel good.

The Celebration of Freedom and Fashion

This too shall pass. It may seem like the pandemic will never end. But it will. When it does, we need to be prepared by looking and feeling the best we can. Shapewear can do that. I am not just writing that to try and sell merchandise. Shapewear is about freedom. It’s about fashion. It’s about celebrating our bodies. And when this craziness is over, we will all feel like celebrating. So let’s celebrate!

Party, Party, Party!

Just imagine the parties that will be thrown after all of this lockdown stuff is over. It will be like New Year’s Eve, Cinco de Mayo, and Mardi Gras all rolled into one. For one, it will be a huge relief to finally know that the virus has been beaten, and that the danger has lifted. That will be important to all of us. So many people are at risk, and so many have already lost the battle with the virus. Having said that, we all know that, no matter how callous it may sound, life must go on. We are survivors, we humans. We are resourceful. We are tough. And while we all should acknowledge the toll this disease has taken, we also have a duty as survivors to push forward. The celebration that will come out of this will not be tone-deaf and desultory about the suffering that has taken place. On the contrary, they will be reverent yet energetic, mournful yet jubilant, respectful yet optimistic. Be prepared for this celebration by planning now on how to look your best.

Embrace Your Curves!

I started Shapely Shop because I am passionate about Shapewear. Shapewear has helped me form a healthier body image. I don’t deny my body. I love it, no matter what size or shape I am. I also know that just a little smoothing here, a little shaping there can go a long way to help me embrace my curves. 


The dreaded Covid-15. I must admit it, I was one of the unfortunates who saw that scale inch up a little during the lockdown (Nursing my newborn - Not counting calories - Exhausted...). That hasn’t discouraged me or made me feel  in any way less about my body. My body is a miracle. It is beautiful no matter what size or shape it is. My body created two gorgeous babies, and I am so very grateful for that. I also know that, especially with those few extra pounds, there are those times when I want to feel a little more confident, or when I just want to enhance or smooth the little bumps here and there. And when the lockdown is over, I want that ability. Shapewear allows me to do that.

The Final Word

We’ve all been touched in one way or another by this pandemic, some more tragically than others. I believe we need to remember that, and recognize it. I think we also need to fulfill our obligations as survivors. We need to live. And what better way to live than to celebrate life and freedom and fashion? And when we can rejoin society, let’s party. Feel good and look good. That’s what Shapewear is all about.


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